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Health Care Assignment: Environmental Issue of Water in Melbourne, Australia

Task: Choose a SPECIFIC geographical region (such as a city or suburb) facing the environmental health issues of water. You are supposed to address the following points in your health care assignment: Part 1: Use the WHO (1999) DPSEEA framework ( indicators/en/ Chapter 7) to describe the Driving forces, Pressures, State changes, Exposures, and Effects relevant to the public health problem faced by the population living in your chosen geographical area. In your explanation, consider any populations that are disproportionately affected by the problem, and any social, political or economic influences on the issue that aren’t captured by the DPSEEA framework. Part 2: Write a summary that describes: How the environmental health issue is currently being managed. What are the legislative and regulatory measures intended to control this health risk at the federal and state level? What is the role of existing health agencies and other agencies, key stakeholders including community groups, critical infrastructure? Evidence-based recommendations for addressing gaps in current policy, regulation and management for this environmental health issue

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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