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Health Care Assignment: Research on Start-ups in Kuwait Health Sector

s for the survey Quantitative survey questions for the employees 1. What is your Gender • Male • Female 2. How long have you been working in the industry • Less than 2 years • 2-5 years • Above 5 years 3. Do you think the private start-up competition in Kuwait health care increased • Yes • No • Neutral 4. Have your company performing mini audits on the recent channels • Yes • Neutral • No 5. Do you think the competition between public healthcare organizations is high • Yes • No • Neutral 6. What are the possible reasons for private start-up health centers' development in Kuwait • Technical development • Swift treatments of patients • People are demanding more advanced care • Lack of public infrastructure 7. Do you think government is helping public hospitals for growth • Yes • No • Neutral 8. What do you think the possible causes for people visiting more private hospitals • More advanced treatments • Customized care units • Low time for waiting 9. Is your company effective in emergency care unit operations • Yes • No • Neutral 10. Is your company being effective in providing patient-care promotions • Yes • No 11. Is your company being effective in employee management • Yes • No 12. Is your company providing up-to-date innovative treatments to their patients • Yes • Neutral • No 13. Is your current organization being effective in managing the rush hours • Yes • No 14. How effective do you think the patient waiting and outdoor treatment services in your company • Satisfactory • Not satisfactory • Extremely long • Mismanaged outdoor treatment Qualitative questions for managers 1. What are the current governmental interventions for private and public collaboration efforts in the healthcare sector 2. What are reasons for customers visiting more individual or private hospitals despite more costs 3. How the current start-ups in Kuwait health sector are impacting the facilities and services of public hospitals

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Postgraduate

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