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Health Promotion Assignment: Analysis of Behaviour Change of Community

Task Find three scholarly journal articles in order to develop this health promotion assignment that: Describe a health promotion intervention. Note: they do not need to be the same health behaviour or same type of intervention. Please note, in this instance an intervention is when the researcher/s (authors) conduct a study where they focus on some type of health behaviour. (Note: a systematic review is NOT an intervention – however systematic reviews examine interventions, so they may contain appropriate journal articles within them that you could find and use). USE the SAME health behaviour change theory For example: you may decide to focus on organisational health promotion interventions and then use Goodman’s four stage model as the theory you choose to focus on. You would find 3 journal articles that include an organisational health promotion intervention that uses Goodman’s 4 stage model. Critically review the three interventions (in the journal articles) reflecting on the following: Describe how the chosen theory or model was used in each of the three interventions. Compare and contrast how effectively the theory was used in each of the interventions. Finally: provide an argument which either supports or negates the use of theory in health promotion interventions. Your thoughts and ideas MUST be supported by appropriate scholarly references Correct referencing using the UOW Harvard method and appropriate structure and presentation.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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