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Healthcare Assignment: Lactation in Newly Arrived Refugee Mothers

Task: This healthcare assignment will be a 1500 word individual report (excluding references) on the specific vulnerable group you have been assigned. The report needs to be structured as per Assessment Criteria below. 1. Comprehensive identification of the health, nutrition and related social issues faced by the vulnerable group that you have been assigned to investigate and a critical review of the key aspects that need to be addressed. 2. Demonstrated ability to clarify the impact of the food environment and practices that enhance or worsen the vulnerabilities of the population being investigated, and the ability to clarify how policy or regulation might be strengthened or changed to support better health in the population being investigated. 3. Critical discussion around evidence based approaches to address the issues identified for the vulnerable group being investigated inclusive of the potential strengths and weaknesses of the approach/s reviewed. 4. Analyze the nutritional needs and influences on food choices for population groups across the lifespan. 5. Examine how population health is affected by food and nutrition systems and policies. 6. Critique Australian and global food and nutrition dietary and health patterns within an evidence-based framework. 7. Effectively communicate nutrition principles using a variety of approaches.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Postgraduate

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