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Healthcare Assignment: Significance of Well Being & Wellness for Early Childhood

Task: For this healthcare assignment, you will use the following scenario to examine issues around children’s wellness and wellbeing to determine appropriate strategies for early childhood staff. Consider the following scenario then use the template to complete the assessment. Discuss the socialisation (families, peers, media) and environmental influences (physical aspects of the environment), as well as the equity issues related to children’s wellness and wellbeing in the case study. For each area, discuss how children’s wellness and wellbeing could be addressed and promoted by the early childhood staff and leadership: Bella is a four year old girl and is the youngest of four children. There is a two-year age difference between each of the children. The family lives in government housing in an inner Sydney suburb. The house is a moderate sized three-bedroom house. Bella shares a bedroom with her 12-year old sister, and her two brothers share another bedroom. They have a small backyard and their house is situated on a busy road. Bella’s mother, Sarah, does not feel comfortable taking the children to the local park as it is often defaced with graffiti or vandalised. Bella’s father is a nurse at the local hospital. He often works extra shifts each week for a nursing agency to earn extra income so that they can buy their own home. Bella’s mother, Sarah, has been a stay-at-home mother while the children have been growing up. Sarah has recently enrolled in a TAFE course to begin a qualification in aged care and attends three days a week. Bella attends a long day care service three times a week while Sarah is at TAFE. Bella finds it difficult to get up from the floor after group time. During outdoor play Bella finds it difficult to run and gets breathless quickly. Bella’s teacher told her mother, Sarah, that Bella prefers to sit on the bench and watch the other children play rather than join in with the play. After a short time of attending day care Bella started crying on the mornings she was to attend day care and refuse to get dressed. Bella told Sarah that other children in the long day care centre had begun to call her names and make negative comments about her weight. The staff are becoming increasingly concerned about Bella’s weight and the effect it is having on her general health. Bella normally has a packed lunch from home consisting of sweet biscuits, chocolate, and crisps. At morning tea time, the long day care provides the children fresh fruit and vegetables, but Bella will not normally choose to eat anything. At drop-off time, Bella’s mother, Sarah, has told the staff that Bella loves to eat sugary cereals in the morning, especially those that come in the brightly coloured boxes she sees on TV. Drop off time is normally a very busy and rushed time at the centre, so staff has not been able to discuss these issues with Sarah in any detail. Staff have expressed concerns to Sarah about Bella’s eating habits at pick-up time. Sarah says that she likes to ensure that her children have a meal they enjoy and cannot afford for them to waste any food. It is difficult for the family to afford fresh healthy foods on their single income.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Postgraduate

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