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Human Resource Management Assignment: Contextual Factors Annotated Bibliography

Task 1: Identify five (5) journal articles that match the first five topics of this unit That is, you must find one journal article per topic Organisational structures or governance, Environmental forces, Risks confronting the firm, Organisation and business practices, and The functions of diverse firms. 2. Write a short 150 word introduction discussing why the contextual factors are important to organisational decision making. The introduction is 150 words in total not 150 words per article. 3. Write approximately 250 words per journal article that: Defines the main contextual factor being discussed in the journal article, Discusses the new findings in relation to the contextual factor, and Highlights what these findings mean for managers in organisations. 4. Write a short 200 word conclusion recommending one specific contextual factor as most important to CQUniversity’s organisational performance. Explain your reasoning. 5. Write a reference list correctly It must use the APA referencing style Each reference appears before each annotated bibliography It has a hanging indentation There are specific fonts and formatting that must be used: Derouiche, I., Hassan, M., & Amdouni, S. (2018). Ownership structure and investment-cash flow sensitivity. Journal of Management & Governance, 22(1), 31-54. DOI: 10.1007/s10997-017-9380-x

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Undergraduate

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