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IHP 200 2-2 Mini Case Study: Health Issue Analysis


This assignment gives you an opportunity to practice applying concepts to a particular healthcare situation and also allows you to practice your analytical skills. You will put these skills to work in Module Three when you work on your first final project milestone.

This week's reading focuses on cultural factors that have an impact on personal beliefs and values as well as personal choices. It also covers family structure and family dynamics, which can have long-term impacts on health. After reading this week's textbook chapters, review the website How Culture Influences Health Beliefs.

Then, read the mini case study and the questions you will be contemplating as you begin to obtain a full understanding of what is expected of you in this assignment.

Use the following mini case study to fill in the attached worksheet.

Mini Case Study One: Patient S is a white woman, 43 years of age, and a mother of three small children. She has a long-standing history of significant obesity with little success in dieting over the years. At 5'3", she is obese, weighing 220 pounds. Her fat distribution is "apple-shaped" and, consequently, her waist–hip ratio is more than the 0.8 normal range. In addition, Patient S lives a fairly sedentary lifestyle and does not have a regular exercise program. Her dietary habits do not take into account basic recommendations for cardiac nutrition.

Complete your analysis of the case study by addressing the following questions:

  1. What risk factors are present?

  2. What are some ways that the individual could change her choices and behavior in ways that will mitigate her risk factors?

  3. If the individual mitigates her risk factors, what positive changes could occur regarding her health?

  4. If her choices and behaviors are not changed, what negative health effects could occur?

  5. If you were the individual's health coach, what would you tell her about her health condition?

To complete this assignment, review the following documents:

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