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IHP 340 1-1 Discussion: Statistics in Society

To begin this discussion, introduce yourself to your classmates and instructor. Briefly discuss your background, describe your professional goals, explain what you hope to gain from this course, and share what you enjoy doing in your free time. Then, continue your initial post by responding to the following:

From the perspective of a person in the street, statisticians do not always get it right. Sometimes it seems that they get it spectacularly wrong. Modern society applies statistics to phenomena as diverse as disease prediction and politics, from actuarial tables in insurance to weather forecasting; we have integrated "big data" and "number-crunching" into many critical functions of our culture and society.

Do you think the use of statistics is more of a positive or negative influence on society as a whole? Why do you take this position?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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