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Information Technology Professionalism: Tools the Enhance Competence

Task: Your analysis should take into account a range of stakeholder opinions and include evidence where appropriate. The paper should conclude with your views on the concept of Professionalism, based upon your analysis and discussion. The structure is for you to decide, but it should contain four elements: Introduction - Briefly describe the structure of your assignment. Literature Review - Focusing on the concept of IT Professionalism and ethics, develop a literature review of what is said in the academic and professional literature. A list of recommended reading is attached below. Analysis – a critical examination and discussion on a current and significant issue, including class discussion where appropriate. Your analysis should focus on the four professional modalities (Social, Legal, Ethical and Professional). You are encouraged to make use of an appropriate analytical framework. Guidance will be provided during the module classes. Conclusion - your considered opinion based upon the review of the literature and your assessment of the range of viewpoints discussed in the Analysis. You may also wish to include a short reflection as part of your conclusion, with regards to the significant issue and how this relates to your own experience and professional ambitions.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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