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Internet Of Things Essay: Existing And Emerging IoT Technologies

Task: In this assessment you are required to write an essay of 2000 words; evaluating existing andemerging IoT technologies; current and potential future trends, business opportunities and societalimplications. This will encompass research, review, analysis and reflection upon the key concepts of the Internetof Things and its enabling technologies. Your essay should also aim to explore the many deep rootedaspects, implications and considerations that must be addressed, in the emergence, developmentand proliferation, of IoT technology and services that organizations, individuals and society ingeneral will embrace. You are not limited to discussing and evaluating only the functional and service aspects of IoTSystems, you are also required to consider different industry sectors and the benefits that existing oremerging IoT technologies provide. Creating a structure for your essay: Writing an essay with a clear structure helps you to: • Make all your ideas clear • Discuss similar ideas together • Avoid including irrelevant or tangential information • Avoid repeating information you have already covered • First, identify your main ideas. You may need to do a certain amount of research in order todecide what ideas your essay will cover, although your assignment brief may also give some clues.(Hint: do not necessarily start by writing your introduction!) • Once you decide on your main ideas, you will need to do detailed research in each area you havechosen, using academic sources. • Then, look at one main idea at a time and organise the information you have found on each idea. • Next, you are ready to write the body of your essay. Make sure to use topic sentences whenintroducing a new main idea. • Finally, write your introduction including your thesis statement, and write your conclusion,reiterating your thesis statement and main ideas. You are strongly advised to use Coventry University Academic Writing Guides especially on EssayWriting and Referencing in the Coventry University Harvard Referencing Style.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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