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IT 640 7-1 Discussion: Network Security

Cyberattacks against major businesses, colleges, and the federal government have dramatically increased in recent years. In most cases, the cyberattack ended in massive breaches and leaks of personal information. Here are a few examples for you to review:

In each of these cases, the organization noted possible causes for its security breach. For your main post, select one of these examples, or find an example of your own noting the same type of security breach, and identify the most probable cause in security that allowed the breach. If you choose a different example, be sure you provide a link to the story at the end of your initial post.

In responses to your peers, examine their perspectives and comment accordingly or pose questions to advance the discussion. Do not simply state you agree or disagree or compliment the post. You are expected to make two additional substantive posts.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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