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Leadership Styles Assignment: Implementation of Blockchain

Task: Individual Assignments: Students should provide a reflection covering the necessary leadershipskills to navigate the changes brought about by either cryptocurrency. Conduct research with your colleagues and peers to develop a list of leadership characteristics that are necessary to navigating times of radical change or innovation. Provide the top 5 characteristics you discovered in your research. Identify and explain in your own opinion the most important leadership qualities on this list that you believe will help society to transition adapting the new technology or the new way of thinking. Critically reflect on the current world leaders and their role in the implementation of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology (i.e. China’s adaptation of a system of social credit). Highlight any shortcomings and/or limitations of current policy and leadership styles and discuss what could have done. List 4 – 5 articles you have selected to prepare for this Project week in the bibliography (3 must be from academic sources, Use Wittenborg online Library to access Journal articles e.g. EBSCO). Example, a recent article from Forbes on Governmental application of Blockchain would count as a non-academic source.

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Postgraduate

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