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Machine Learning Assignment On Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence In JD

Task: Students are required to write an academic report as per the format outlined in chapter 5 of the textbook.The report must follow the CQU APA referencing style. See the American Psychological Association(APA) abridged guide updated Term 1 2019 available from: CQU APA referencing style. Pleasenote that the prescribed textbook uses APA referencing guidelines. See also the Referencing Stylesubsection below. The report is to be based on the following case study. Background context: Without referring to a rigorous definition of intelligence, which one of the following is more intuitivelyintelligent? An iPhone or a 5-year-old child? One would reasonably think that a 5-year-old is moreintelligent not because they can perform complicated calculations at their age but because they have thepotential to learn to perform well in a variety of settings. The ability to learn is an integral part of intelligence. Thanks to the ever-increasing computational power,much advancement has been possible in the field of machine learning, which is fundamentally concernedabout how we can build computer systems and algorithms that can automatically improve withexperience. Some machine learning algorithms mimic the way humans learn. Whenever they make a mistake, theyreceive a punishment; whenever they perform well, they receive a reward. Assuming machines areprogrammed to maximise the total reward, over time they will learn to choose actions that lead to rewardrather than punishment. This particular type of machine learning is called reinforcement learning. Machine learning has been adopted in an increasing number of applications – it is the backbone of manywell-known applications that we use every day, for example, face recognition, natural languageprocessing, fraud detection and personalised recommendations on Netflix, Amazon and Youtube Case study situation: You are an IT consultant of a consulting company. Your company has an excellent track record forapplying innovation to unlock trapped value within their clients’ organisation and helping them to embrace IT innovation. One of your clients, JD has recently contacted you to prepare a document on theuse of machine learning in their company. Here are the details of your client company: JD is an Australian online retailer that sells a large range of merchandise, including consumer electronics,apparel/accessories and books to customers worldwide. With the mass adoption of e-commerce, JD sawa robust increase in sales over the past decade. However, as the big players in this industry continuedtheir quest to capture market share, shoppers around the world only spent A$200 million on retail goodspurchased on JD’s online store over the past 2018/19 fiscal year. This is 20% down from the A$250million of the previous year. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of JD believes the application of machine learning in theircompany equates with future business success and is keen to increase the role that machine learning playsin their customer’s experience. “Consumers expected personalised recommendations tailored to theirindividual tastes and preferences. Many online retailer platforms have embedded machine learningalgorithms to entice customers and to make sure they keep coming back to their online retail stores”, saidthe CTO of JD, “machine learning can also be applied in other business functional areas, for example,automated resume screening in HR, to increase the overall business efficiency to gain a competitive edgein this industry”. Before JD shifts their IT strategy to embrace the power of machine learning, they want your organisationto prepare a document addressing the following tasks: (1) Explain the definition of machine learning, and the difference and relationship between artificialintelligence and machine learning; (2) Survey the application of machine learning in three different industries other than online retailerindustry/ecommerce; (3) Investigate how machine learning can be adopted in JD. Discuss its application to at least twodifferent business functional areas of JD; and the advantages and disadvantages of its application. (4) Discuss the ethical, legal and social issues about the application of machine learning on onlineretailer platforms; (5) Make three recommendations as to how JD can adopt machine learning in their business. You have to complete this investigation and write a report for your team leader in the next three weeks.Since this is an initial investigation the report should not contain in-depth technical details.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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