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Maritime Economics Assignment: Analysis On Maersk & MSc Warn Of Supply Chain Disruption

3 : The attached article written by Janet Porter and James Baker, ‘Maersk and MSC warn of supply chain disruption from blocked Suez Canal’, Lloyd’s List, viewed 27 March 2021, , reports on the impact of Suez Canal blockage on global shipping. Based on the information provided in the article and relevant sources, complete the following tasks. Make relevant assumption(s) to support your answer if necessary. Explain how Suez Canal blockage may affect the 2M Alliance’s services in the east-west trades in the short term. Based on your answer to task a, discuss the possible responses of the 2M Alliance. Evaluate the statement “It will impact all trade lanes, as carriers will seek to cascade vessels to locations where the find they have the greatest need”. Justify your answer using a different trade lane.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Postgraduate

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