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Master technological skills in order to be fully prepared to become effective workforces

Question: Assessment Type: MYOB Project Purpose: In the current era of continuous development in Information Technology and Information Systems, it is crucial for students to master technological skills in order to be fully prepared to become effective workforces in accounting industry. As such, students will use MYOB as a tool to master not only computer skills but also develop technical skills revolving accounting systems and software, to incorporate their study materials in real life situations. Topic: Accounting Information System for organizations Task Details: This project will be divided into three parts: MYOB reports, work activity report, and a presentation using MYOB Account Right Plus software to analyse transactions in order to develop useful information, which will be used to produce a well structured business report. Main topics of the transactions will include using general ledger, journal entries, NP & NR, banking, inventory and payroll, Pabst Accounting with MYOB AccountRight Plus 2nd ed. Once these transactions in the textbooks are entered, students will be tasked to create an accurate Business Activity Statement for the month June 2020 and Instalment Activity Statement for the month July 2020 by using MYOB. 1. MYOB Reports: The computerized accounting assignment section will require students to set-up a company, complete various transactions, and generate reports to demonstrate their understanding and the ability to capture and analyse the accounting data using MYOB. This section will amount to a significant portion students' time, as much as 30 study hours and many days to complete. As such, it is absolutely crucial for students to have excellent time management for optimal workload and completion by the submission deadline. 2. Work Activity Report: Students will need to submit an individual work report showing how they were able to produce the MYOB assignment In the MYOB project students will need to enter the input data into their MYOB assignment based on the source documents (input) in the textbook, generate and print out the reports (output), and finally compare the printed outputs to the outputs in the textbook. If the results are different, students must reconcile the discrepancies. Work Activity Report includes the following components: a. progress based on time spent on each chapter b. any issues or problems that have occurred and how they were managed in each chapter, including details of what the issues or problems were (if there are differences between the results of the report produced by students and the report of the book, analyse the discrepancies and write down the possible reasons for the discrepancies), and how, if any, of the issues were managed and corrected (how the discrepancies were reconciled). c. your achievement in your MYOB project

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