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MBA 530 8-1 Discussion: Project Outline

This discussion assignment is designed to help you plan for the course project, which you are going to submit in Module Nine.

As a preparation for the project submission, you will be creating a communication strategy outline that will serve as the structure for the project paper. This means you have two weeks to think about and work on your submission for the project, which is a major component of this course.

A well-developed strategy requires a well-crafted structure to ensure all criteria are anticipated and addressed. An outline, which sounds basic in scope, requires a fair degree of forethought to ensure the final project fully addresses all key components of the communication strategy. The outline should utilize the proposed subheadings you plan to use in your final paper and should follow the order in which the topics will be addressed in the paper. Why was the adaptive leadership toolkit developed?

For your initial post, you will use the Communication Strategy Outline Template, making sure to utilize the proposed subheadings. You are encouraged to post early in the week so you can incorporate others’ feedback.

In your responses to other learners, be specific in providing information about the outline they submitted, including the following:

  • What specifically did you find useful in the outline?

  • How was the outline organized? Was it done in a professional manner?

  • Did the outline address all the sections? If not, what was missing?

  • Would the outline be clear to someone seeing it for the first time? Identify the sections that were not clear.

  • What are your recommendations for next steps?

If you have any questions as you create your outline, please contact your instructor so you feel ready for the project submission next week.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric. Also review the Project Guidelines and Rubric.

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