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Microbiological Contamination Assignment: Discussion On Remediation

Task: The assignment is designed to evaluate how well you research, and applycontamination control strategies and remediation. There is no word limit to this assignment. The assignment is worth 20% of the subject marks. All assignment work must be the individuals. Note: A) The work must be your own and should include a bibliography of source material. Penalties will apply if students submit the same paper. B) Useful information on preparing assignments is available in the External Links folder for this subject. C) All assignments should be uploaded to Turnitin on the submission date specified in your student notes. An assignment cover sheet must be completed and attached to the front of the submitted assignment. Cover sheets can be found at UTSOnline. You must retain a copy of your submitted work. Contamination Control Remediation The attached document is an FDA warning letter related to product contamination that was sent to a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Your assignment is to examine the warning letter and: 1. Identify the type of contamination detected. 2. Identify the source of contamination 3. Identify the route of transmission 4. Propose practical procedures that would ensure that this type of contamination did not occur again. Categorise these procedures as prevention or detection strategies. 5. Prepare a response to the FDA detailing the corrective action necessary to address all the findings detailed in the Warning Letter.

Subject Name: Biology

Level: Undergraduate

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