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NUR 507 5-1 Discussion: Clinical Problem Collaboration

Throughout your program, and culminating in your capstone course, you will employ research strategies to find, critique, and synthesize the best evidence for addressing a real-world clinical or healthcare-related question or problem. In this case, the term research refers to the “diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation in a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, or applications” (

By the end of this course, you will have developed an initial draft of your patient or population intervention, comparison, outcome, and sometimes time (PICO-T) question that you will continue to explore through your MSN program and finalize for your capstone project. Remember, when formulating your questions, human subject research is not allowed for the capstone project.

The first step will be to start with a focused topic and then propose a clinical question or problem. After proposing a clinical question or problem in your clinical setting, you will use the PICO-T framework to write the clinical or healthcare-related question. (See the article “Searching for Proof” in the module resources). The PICO-T format will help break down your question into smaller parts and identify keywords for your search. You will then search the literature for and discuss evidence-based interventions to address the problem or issue.

For this discussion, collaborate with your peers on possible clinical problems or issues you could continue to explore throughout your program. Identify at least two areas of practice in your current or previous settings in which you ask, “Why is it done this way?” Propose strategies that a master’s-prepared nurse might employ to address those areas. What elements of the problem would you like to investigate further through your MSN program?

In responding to at least two of your peers, propose strategies or ask questions you have related to the clinical or healthcare-related problems that they have identified.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.

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