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NUR 507 8-2 Group Collaboration: PICO-T Question Draft

This is a group activity. For more information on groups, please see About Group Work.

In Module Five, you proposed possible clinical problems to address through your MSN program in a broad discussion with your peers. In Module Six, you began the process of conducting a literature search in order to locate evidence-based research on your chosen healthcare related topic. This week, in a smaller group of peers, write a draft of your PICO-T question on the topic you are most interested in using for your capstone project, and review the literature search steps you conduct. Next, post it to your group for review. Provide feedback to all of the other students in your group. The purpose of this activity is to assist you in refining your capstone project topic and help you develop a final PICO-T question in Module Ten. You will use the PICO-T Question Template to upload in the group discussion.

Remember: Your PICO-T question is not a research project. You are using an evidence-based practice or quality improvement model. You will not be using human subjects to implement your capstone project

For additional details, please refer to the Small Group Collaboration Guidelines and Rubric document.

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