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Objective for option A is to present a business case for investment into improvement

We attached 2 files named assignment.docx which is for example file for assignment theme and second one is assignmentinstruction.pdf for assignment question (second last page, Option A) Question for assignment is as following... In this assignment you are expected to implement and integrate what you have learnt in to an industrial problem. There are two options: you can use data from an existing assets/plant/production line or you can develop a new assets/plant/production line. Write this assignment like an engineering investigation report with a business case recommendation. The audience will be the director of engineering and general managers.

The objective for option A is to present a business case for investment into improvement (with sound technical justifications) and for option B is the asset management plan for new assets/plant/production line.

Reports requirement: ï‚ The final report should be about 5000 words where appropriate, including pictures, figures, tables, diagrams, should be used. Assignments marking criteria: ï‚· Report 45% o Content: 25%; o Structure:5% o Overall (ranking among all groups in the course): 15% Option A: Existing assets / facilities / infrastructures / plant / production line You are a new task force formed to drive asset performance improvement in your company. You are tasked to optimise asset performance for the remaining life cycle of the asset by reviewing current operation, maintenance and asset management strategies, to identify and provide improvement action plan and business case for major loss of opportunity area.

You can utilise what you have done in assignment 1 as a starting point for this assignment. You may need to perform an investigation into: ï‚· Losses (downtime, loss in generation of power, unavailability for the operation, and services disruption to customers). Identify key losses area; AND/OR ï‚· Work order history analysis, to identify plan versus unplanned maintenance cost. Identify high cost unplanned maintenance area. And discuss possible approach to address them by focusing into one or more areas listed below: ï‚· Reliability Centred Maintenance – developing a strategy ï‚· Risk ï‚· Logistic Support ï‚· Inventory ï‚· Assets and Asset Information System ï‚· Equipment Replacement, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability ï‚· Maintenance Organisation and Budget

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