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Process to Inspire and motivate your team to achieve any organizational goals and objectives

Scenario BSI Manufacturing, head office, where you are currently employed has received some negative feedback from employees in the New South Wales office regarding the overall morale within the work place. The NSW branch is composed of around 25% employees from diverse cultural backgrounds, the remaining 75% are of Australia born origin. The manager at the NSW office believes the problem may be due to information being interpreted differently by different staff members, leading to disagreements amongst staff. He is consulting with the head office in order to find a solution that will best serve the organisation. Imagine that you are manager of NSW branch and to achieve the above task you will need to meet designed goal by addressing the following questions: • Explain clearly and accurately possible all relevant team objectives, values, standards and expectation in terms of environmental management, WHS, product safety, service and ethics. • Process to Inspire and motivate your team to achieve any organisational goals and objectives • Method to encourage your team to model professionalism • Some of information being communicated to the staff to be inappropriate given the diverse cultural and social nature of the workplace. Identify a minimum of their cultural and social differences which can lead to a breakdown in communication or contribute to misunderstanding. • In order to bring about positive change in the work environment, you have realised your need to implement consultation processes to encourage all employee to contribute to the issue they might be facing or issues within workplace. Discuss how the four stage process for change management can be utilised as an effective tolls for effective change within the organisation. In your answer identify each stage and describe what needs to occur. • Describe how effective collecting, analysing and sharing relevant information to others contribute to overall team work performance. • Provide four example of personal you might have to consult with in order to resolve problems or issue in the workplace where it is beyond your ability or role

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