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PSY 300 3-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Research Question Identification Discussion

For Milestone Two, you will participate in a discussion in which you will share your research question with your classmates and identify four additional references that relate to the research gap your proposed study would fill. You should compose one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.

For your initial post to the discussion topic:

  • Describe the research gap you identified and share the research question you came up with for the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet in Module Two.

  • Find an additional four references for this milestone and list them in APA format. Give a brief description of what they analyze, how they tie into your chosen topic, and how they demonstrate the research gap you identified.

  • Share the basics of your proposed study to address the research gap, including any ethical considerations.

Your classmates will give you feedback on your research question, and you will provide feedback to at least two of your peers. In your responses, give your opinion of their research questions and state whether you believe they address a real gap in the research. Explain why or why not, and share suggestions on how the question could be broadened or narrowed down, if either change is needed. Do you see potential ethical questions? If so, point them out and give suggestions on how they could be addressed.

Your instructor will also give you specific feedback on your research question, references, and proposed study, both on the discussion topic and in your grading feedback for this assignment. Incorporate the feedback into your final paper, paying particular attention to the requirements in the Research Design section.

To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document.

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