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PSY 315 3-3 Final Project Milestone One: Submit Case Study and Theoretical Orientation

For this assignment, you will submit a general description of a patient and his or her issue that you would like to design a treatment plan for. This will be your 'case study' that you will continue to use as you work on your Final Project. In addition, be sure to include the theoretical orientation you have chosen to address the issue you described in your case study.

This submission is not graded separately from the final project but should be submitted during this module. Use the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric as a reference for structure under "Milestone One."

Your final project is due in Module Seven and will be a capstone demonstration of all that you have learned in the course. Those students who succeed the most on final projects are those who think about and plan for the final project throughout the entire course.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

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