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Public Health Assignment: Evaluating The Article Of Northridge

Task: The first assignment tests your comprehension of key concepts, theories and models regarding linkages between the built environment and health. Case document: "Sorting Out the Connections Between the Built Environment and Health: A Conceptual Framework for Navigating Pathways and Planning Healthy Cities' You can download the article from the UniSA library webpage. In a paragraph describe what you think Northridge and her colleagues were arguing in this article – the answer should reflect the complexities of the model and the other points they raise ? In what ways could their paper be seen to apply to contemporary Australian urbanization/urbanism and population health ? What do we have now that might go some way to addressing the shortcomings they described regarding the ability to conduct research back in 2003 ? Outline, preferably using basic visualization tools, what you think is the most powerful but simple way to summarize the linkages between the built environment and health – justify your model by reference to the literature

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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