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QSO 349 4-1 Discussion: Local Regulations

You are a U.S. entrepreneur and have decided to haul used Christmas trees from the southern states back up north after Christmas, instead of sending your trucks back empty. After all, more people rely on burning wood to keep warm in New Hampshire than in North Carolina. Is it legal in Manchester, NH for unlicensed individuals to sell used Christmas trees as fuel for wood-burning furnaces and stoves after January 1st of any year? Would this same activity be legal in the city or county in which you live? Provide the section number of the applicable Manchester business regulation. In your post, discuss why it is important for a procurement officer to understand that the "way it is done here" is not necessarily the same way it is done somewhere else. Use another example of the importance of complying with local laws (provide a link if appropriate) to illustrate your points.

In response to your peers' posts, comment on the examples that you feel best illustrate the value of regulatory awareness for procurement.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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