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QSO 355 5-1 Activity: Gantt Chart: Dinner

This activity will help you complete the final critical element of the Initial Schedule and Budget Report due in Module Six.

Complete the Module Five Gantt Template for your prior submitted dinner WBS project from Module Two. Instead of using duration of days, you will use minutes. Instead of a start date and end date, you will use a start time and end time. Set your template to match your initial template from the dinner WBS completed in Module Two. The focus here is for you to gain an understanding of the tool. Within the template is a link to a demonstration video that further describes the template and the assignment.

For more information on using Excel to create Gannt charts, visit the Microsoft Office support page. If you prefer, the same work can be completed via a MS Visio or MS Project template.

For additional details, please refer to the Module Five Activity Guidelines and Rubric document.

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