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QSO 489 5-1 Discussion: Incorporating Feedback

By now, you will have received some feedback on your SWOT analysis. This feedback might alter the course of your capstone to some degree. For instance, you might view the problem(s) that you originally identified from a new perspective. Or, the plans that you have started to draft might need to change based on this feedback. What are your thoughts about the feedback that you received? Share with your classmates the nature of the feedback that you received and how you are going to use it to improve your capstone project. Considering the feedback and the additional time that you have had to reflect on your initial submission, are there any additional changes that you would like to make?

Be sure to comment on your peers’ ideas and offer suggestions that you might have on how to best implement feedback.

To complete this assignment, review the Capstone Discussion Rubric document.

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