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Reflective Essay Analyzing Quality of Life & Death

Task Part 1: Reflection (approximately 1000 words) Prepare a reflective essay analyzing concepts of the quality of living and dying and reflect on your personal values and beliefs in relation to these life events. The quality of life is more than a ‘standard of living’, while the quality of dying is a personal perception of the dying experience. Both are a subjective integration of personal expectations and values. a. Analyse five factors that affect the concept of quality of life. b. Analyse three concepts or domains that contribute to quality of dying. c. Taking into consideration the analysis of the concepts of living and dying in a and b, reflect on your personal values and beliefs in relation to the quality of life and dying Using Gibb’s reflective cycle. Part 2: Exploration (approximately 1000 words) Concepts that influence perceptions of life and death include, legal, cultural, and religious. In the role of a health practitioner, it is important to be aware of their influence and reflect on how they impact on your own values and beliefs. a. Explain and reflect on three legal aspects of quality of life and quality of dying e.g., euthanasia, advance care planning, legal responsibilities. b. How do cultural factors impact on the concept of living and dying? Discuss factors from prospective of three cultures including your own culture. c. Provide examples from three religions how they approach the concept of living and dying.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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