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Reflective Ethics Essay: Ethical Concepts In It

Task: This assessment task addresses the following subject learning objectives Explain the social impact of information technology and the social responsibility of IT professionals; Critically review the IT profession’s Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct, and develop a personal ethical framework; Describe the role of the IT professional and the legal and moral responsibility they have to that profession and society; Reflective Essay Choose one or more discussion topics from tutorials in weeks 3-5 and reflect on what you have learned from these discussions and relate it to your learning from the lectures or reading resources during weeks 1-5. The reflection must form a coherent and structured work. The essay must be your own thoughts and analysis. As such, use of references is arbitrary. Finally, construct your essay around the following components * : Description Here, you need to describe what learning experience/s you are reflecting on. This must be based on one or more discussion topics from tutorials in weeks 3-5. Be concise in this step and just provide enough information to set the scene for your readers. Thoughts Discuss your thoughts and feelings about this learning experience. Consider questions such as: What did you think at the time of this experience? How did you feel at the time of this experience? What did you think or feel about the experience afterwards? Be concise in this step as well. Evaluation and Analysis In this section you need to evaluate and analyse your learning experience. Consider questions such as: What happened in the discussions? What were your views or ideas on the discussion topic before the start of the discussion? How were your ideas different from others in the discussions? What knowledge from your lectures or reading references helped you in this discussion? Has this experience changed your way of thinking in any way? What you have learned? Conclusion and action plan In this stage you need to generalize your learning experience and explain how your learning from this experience can be applied to other situations? What will you do differently next time you face this type of situations? How this experience may be helpful to your future career?

Subject Name: Computer Science

Level: Undergraduate

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