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Robotics Assignment: Project Design Portfolio

Task: This assessment task is completed individually and requires students to submit a portfolio containingspecified evidence of undertaking and completing the required project design. A major componentof the portfolio is the final project report which extends upon the Design Proposal to include detailand discussion of design improvements after prototyping and receiving feedback in the grouppresentations, and on the final project outcome. The report will also include a discussion ofprofessional ethics and sustainability relating to the completed project design, and how undertakingthe laboratory experiences influenced the final design. The portfolio needs to include a video of thecompleted project. An element of the portfolio is peer assessment of the contributions by groupmembers to the project The final report needs to include adequate detail on the final design. This a large componentof the portfolio which is the major assessment task for this unit and as such should have thefollowing sections: Group Members Final Design (1500 words) – The final design should take into account theexperience in building the robot, and while you can work in your groups to realisethe final design, it is the opportunity to refine the design individually if you wish. Animportant part of this section are the justifications as to why certain designconsiderations were made for the final design. As discussed we understand that thisunit is most student’s first exposure to electrical systems and while a good solutionhelped your marks for the Design Proposal, here we are concerned with what youhave learnt and is the opportunity to improve your final design. Your final designdoes not need to be the one presented in the group presentation, however thereneeds to be an explanation of how the design and any feedback has helpedcontribute to the final submitted design in the final report. The final design should take into account any feedback, experienced gained throughprototyping or group presentation. Even if you have decided not to take this onboard, you should reflect on the feedback and experiences and justify why you haveor have not decided to take this on board to improve your design. The final report should include diagrams, circuit diagrams, graphs, tables asappropriate. It should include a discussion on the design presented in week 9 andthe final design, but not the whole design presented in the design proposal as that isalready included as a separate portfolio item. You can however reference the designproposal from within the final report. The final report should include justification asto why the particular final design was chosen (even if that is the one from week 9),and what impact the feedback from the presentation in week 9 had on the finaldesign. It should include necessary calculations as why the particular circuit waschosen for the final design and how it will work. There needs to be discussion on how undertaking the laboratory sessions influencedthe final design. Reflection – The reflection needs to discuss your experience in the (a) group-based activities leading up to Week 9, (b) prototyping activities, and (c) group presentation, and how these have contributed to your final design. The reflection on prototyping activities needs to include discussion of design improvements after prototyping and receiving feedback after the group presentation. Professional Practice – This needs to discuss how your final design could be improved to, or how it does, address ethical and sustainability considerations likely to be expected of you as an Electrical and Electronics/Mechatronics Engineer. The discussion on sustainability should mention why/why not a renewable energy source should be included in your final design. Peer Assessment – Include the table below for your peer assessment. There should be a section for each group member. You do not need to assess yourself. The final report should be between approximately 2000 words long.

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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