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Role of a management accounting consultant

Each student will take the role of a management accounting consultant and present a paper outlining your analysis and recommendations/conclusions related to the assignment case. The paper should be written in fluent grammatical English. The paper may take the form of a report, or an essay. However the form is irrelevant provided that the analysis and recommendations/conclusions required are clear and understandable to the assessor and are within the limits given.

There is no set length for the report. However a suggested length for the report would be between 1,500 and 2,000 words3. Various data and amounts will be necessary to support the analysis and recommendations/conclusions presented in the paper. Relevant schedules/tables providing the details of these data and calculations should be provided as appendices and appropriately cross-referenced in the paper. Internet resources used should be acknowledged and fully referenced. Copies of internet materials used should be submitted separately (in a single file in PDF4 format) with the final paper. All references and sources must be properly acknowledged, and the paper should include a bibliography of referenced sources. A copy of the final paper should be retained by the author until after assessment of the paper has been finalised. Case Background The details of the case and relevant data are provided separately on the ACT202 Learnline site. Note that the case details and associated data and figures will be unique to each student based on each student’s student number.

To obtain the case details and associated data and figures each student should download the MS Excel file5 from the Assessments section of the ACT202 Learnline site. When you have downloaded the workbook file, enter your student number in the field/cell indicated and the relevant case details, data and figures necessary to complete your assignment will be generated. You cannot use the worksheet in the file, or link to the worksheet in the file to complete your assignment. You will need to print this worksheet and/or transcribe the data and figures manually. However, if you print this worksheet to PDF format, you can "copy & paste" and/or "export"6 the details from the PDF document to an excel worksheet 3

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