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Software Applications Using Microsoft Information Technology

Task: This assessment is designed to assess your skills in analysing the IT Infrastructure hardware, software and networking requirements for a selected organisation, select an organisation. The organization must provide IS services to the staff and customers such as email, webpage, and database. You have to write a report to answer the followings related to the selected organisation: 1. Introduction to illustrate the services the organisation provided and how each department uses information technology. 2. Identify and discuss the network devices required to achieve the organisation day by day activities. Explain the function of each device. 3. Specify the type of application software required for data communication between the clients and servers for each department. Justify your answer. 4. Use the seven layers 051 model to explain with the support of diagram how data are moved between the layers when an employee’s open the home page of the organisation website 5. Summary of the report 6. References in Harvard style.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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