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Software Design Assignment: Online Music School Booking System Development

Assignment-1: Project Requirements Analysis and Specification 1. Introduction: Is the topic introduced appropriately, and is there an overview of the report given in this section? 2. Problem domain and research questions: Is there a specific research problem identified? Are the research questions relevant? 3. Background and Project Objective: Clear aim and objectives of the project. Has literature review been conducted well on the chosen topic (such as quality of the papers, variety of publications, including journals and conferences)? Is the summary of the literature review clear, specific and does it capture the essence of the literature review conducted? Is the summary of all papers reviewed included in Appendix II: Literature Review Summary? [Each student should refer minimum of 6 (three journals, three conferences) peer-reviewed papers] Does this section specify objectives of the project in a clear and concise manner? 4. Project Requirements Analysis and Specification: Does this section include details requirements specifications?

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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