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Software Development Assignment : Selection Of System Development Methodologies

Task: To successfully complete the assignment, you should: Identify factors that may determine the appropriateness of a particular development approach for an organisation or project – for example organisational size, team size and whether the system is mission-critical may be important. Use the unit readings and other literature you identify to do this. Review the system development methodologies that Innovative Solutions use in terms of their characteristics, benefits and drawbacks: Rational Unified Process Scrum Consider when the use of each methodology is appropriate. Propose guidelines to help assist in the selection of which of these system development methodologies to use. Create a report based on what you have found out. It should include some information about the factors that determine choice of methodology, some information about the methodologies, and MUST provide well explained guidelines. The report will be used by employees of the Innovative Solutions, so should be written in a style that will be accessible to them (i.e. not as an academic essay).

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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