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Strategic Management Assignment: Developing HR Strategies forSimpson & Son

Task: You are required to do an individual 2,500-word strategic management assignment on the either an organisation of your choice or the case study provided below. In either case the report should consider the tasks as outlined in the case study. Case Study You are an HR consultant advising a company in the development of their HR strategy. The key requirement is that you recommend an approach to managing human resources which is appropriate to the particular competitive strategy that the firm is pursuing. Consider the following brief description of the business strategy of the company that makes office furniture. Simpson & Son Office Solutions Simpson & Son make specialist office equipment. Generally, this equipment is manufactured in small quantities to meet the needs of a particular customer, whose specific requirements cannot be met by mass producers. Often this involves visiting client’s premises and designing and making products which solve a particular problem. However, Simpson & Son are always looking to make things that no one else is making or has even thought about. They have had a number of successes over the years with innovative products, which have attracted high-volume sales, simply because no one else was making them. Even though these often take about five years from the initial idea to the first sales – particularly as they usually involve designing new production systems, sourcing new materials, etc – they have more than paid for the investment. However, the company is are not the only specialist and innovative furniture company, and it is always a struggle to stay ahead of the competition. In addition to similar competitors in the market, the company is under pressure from two other furniture makers. The first has high volume sales whose products are cheapand the other who manufacture a standard range of office furniture and equipment with a focus is on the high-quality end of the market supported with excellent customer service. Your Task As the HR consultant to the company, you have been asked to design an HR strategy for the company. In the organisation assume the HR Director/Manager of the organisation concerned have a budget of €10,000 (approximately) to enable a form of incentivised scheme to be adopted. Considerations Advise management of a competitive strategy for the organisation that considers the environment in which it operates and also that of its competitors. Provide an overview of the Porter three competitive strategies and the threats and opportunities that COVID 19 and Brexit present. Consider what employee behaviours and attitudes you would wish to encourage, and which human resource practices are likely to enable and reinforce the kinds of behaviours that you wish to encourage. Think about various policies and practices such as, but not limited to, resourcing (recruitment, promotion, retention, etc. pay and reward, training and development, job design (including motivation and engagement), work practices (flexible working etc.). etc. For the company you should have a list of required employee behaviours and attitudes and a list of the HR practices in each area that you think will support them. In essence, this is your HR strategy which is ‘matched’ to the competitive strategy of the company. In addition, the HR Director has a budget of €10,000 (Approx.) to develop a ‘special’ one-off HR initiative that would promote the desired employee experience. What would you recommend and why?

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Postgraduate

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