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Subject provides the basis for an iterative and spiral approach to accounting

Subject Overview This subject introduces students to the accounting discipline in an integrated manner dealing with financial accounting and developing and applying critical thinking, information technology and communication skills. The subject provides the basis for an iterative and spiral approach to accounting, exposing students to areas of accounting including accounting as an information system, ethics, business communication and report writing, computer applications, the accounting cycle, financial reports and the fundamentals of management accounting.

Learning outcomes On successful completion of this subject, you should be able to apply conceptual and technical aspects of accounting and prepare relevant business financial statements; be able to discuss the historical development of accounting; be able to appraise the use of information technology including spreadsheet software in accounting problem solving, and evaluate the Internet as a professional resource; be able to demonstrate relevant business communication skills including report writing; be able to contextualize and evaluate accounting information for decision making purposes; be able to explain the importance of ethics in accounting.

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