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Sustainable Development Assignment On Triple Bottom Line

Assignment requirements: Write your assignment in a report format using academic language. Use your research (correctly in-text referenced) to provide evidence and support for your beliefs and arguments. Your report must have the following sections: Title Introduction Different sections for the 5 different reporting requirements. You may use subheadings if required. Reference List Marking Structure: 1. Review the general concepts of triple bottom lines (TBL) and sustainable development (SD) 2. Discuss the significance of TBL in sustainable development by considering the primary features of TBL such as accountability, measurability, benchmarking etc. 3. Discuss the concept of sustainable construction (SC) and the key considerations in sustainable construction 4. Prepare a sustainability report for a multinational construction company using Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) reporting framework You may assume a hypothetical construction company that is operated across many countries and you are the head of sustainability in the company. Your sustainability report must have the following reporting contexts: Introduction of your hypothetical company. Include a name, location, business etc. Strategies and analysis Organizational profile Reporting parameters Governance, commitments and engagement Management approach. You must also explain what content, boundary, and indicators (if any) are established in your report and why you have chosen to use them (a relevant GRI introduction can be found in the learning materials) 5. Discuss the challenges and issues in reporting sustainability

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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