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Top Gear Bikes Case Study: Implementing Erp In Business Environment

Task: You have been asked by the Board to work on the Enterprise System adoption and implementation. You need to prepare a report that helps the BoDs to make an informed decision with regards to purchasing an ERP system. Your report and recommendations should include the following information: A - An analysis of the current situation A1 – Business requirements and drivers : Develop a list of TGB’s business requirements and business drivers (at least 10 items). Provide a brief description for each item on the list. Make sure your description is linked to TGB and its business context. A2 – Linking requirements to ERP functionalities: Using the list you developed in A1, create a table that includes: A column of the identified items on the list A column that specifies whether each item is a business driver or a business requirement Identify business process(es) that can support or fulfill each of these business drivers or requirements Identify the type of data or information that is required for the successful completion of each business process. Against each business driver or requirement in the table, choose ERP functionalities that can help TGB to meet/achieve its specific business requirements/drivers. Provide a justification for each choice you made in step 5. B - Software selection process Using the table A2, your research of the existing enterprise systems in the market suggests that there are four suitable ERP solutions for TGB SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (a.k.a SAP S/4HANA) SAP ECC6 Sage X3 Oracle Cloud Accelerator What other information would you require for recommending the best solution to TGB? What are other considerations to take into account? Adopt a Rich Picture approach to justify your answer. C- Investigation of new solutions The company’s manager (John McDonald) has recently attended an international conference on enterprise systems. In the conference, he spoke with representatives from Ariba, Concur Technologies, and CallidusCloud companies. John also wants to know if any of the products these companies are offering can help TGB to address some of its emerging business requirements. Your task is to research the solutions offered by these companies, and based on the method you used in section A and B, identify if any of those solutions could be relevant to TGB requirements. D- Laying the foundations for business value and digital transformation through digital disruption The management team of TGB is fully aware that they need to lay the foundations for business value and digital business transformation. This focus was an aspect they considered when they decided to implement a new ERP system suite. The Board of Directors is concerned that if they do not focus their future approach on digital transformation, they will lose their competitive advantage with their customers and be left behind. The CEO of TGB has recently attended a Deloitte presentation: “Harnessing the ‘bang’: Stories from the digital frontline.” Findings indicate that 13 industries comprising 65% of the Australian economy are facing significant digital disruption by 2017. Define what is meant by digital disruption by using case studies as examples to aid your definition. Discuss the major advantages and disadvantages (risks) to TGB should they not focus their attention on digital disruption. Identify specific ways in which TGB can improve: Their digital disruption performance, competitive differentiation and growth in the future Conclude with a recommendation on your findings for TGB.

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Undergraduate

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