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Traffic Assignment: Analysis For Haughton Road

Task: This report aims to investigate the traffic design of your study area. It should begin by providing a brief summary description of the study area (do not assume the reader has read Assignment1). Unless discussed with the lecturer, use the same study area identified in Assignment 1for this report. Report Content The report must address the following questions. 1. Choose a short segment of road in your study area and categorize it using the Link and Place framework. Justify why you classified it this way. Does this classification resulting any conflicts between the road link and place functions? 2. Choose a small residential section (such as an apartment building or a residential street)in your study area. Using trip generation rates from two different sources, how many trips should this residential strip attract? Make sure you mark out the residential area on your map and show your calculations. Do the estimated trip generation rates differ? Which is likely to be more accurate? Given your knowledge of the local area, do you think the estimated trip rate(s) are accurate? If so, why? If not, why not? 3. Choose a parking lot in your study area. Given the surrounding land-use(s) that the parking lot serves, determine the parking demand. Propose an appropriate design(including specifying the quantity and type of parking) and management (including price and time controls) for this parking lot. 4. Conduct a safety assessment of your study area using existing crash records. Detail the major traffic conflict locations and discuss potential traffic engineering solutions. 5. Choose two out of these four transport modes: trucks, on-road public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Is the traffic system designed appropriately for these users? What design changes would you propose to better accommodate these users? 6. Conclude your report with a summary of the most significant issues impacting the safety, efficiency or amenity of the traffic system in your study area. Include proposed solutions to these issues.

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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