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Urban Planning Assignment: Evaluating Garden City Concept

Task: Planning concepts and evolution of approaches to planning Context and Settings Modern, formalized planning has shown a remarkable development trajectory in western society. While in the distant past it was largely defined and implemented by rulers and governments, it evolved with democratic institutions into policy instigated activities aimed at influencing citizen’s behavior. More recently it has moved toward a rationally-oriented scientific approach aimed at shaping the conditions under which human behavior in a complex environment may lead to socially accepted outcome. Four sections 1. What were the main elements of the Garden City concept? Principles – why garden city, what lead to thinking city planning in new direction Design – elements of design, its uniqueness, and different parts functionally connect to others How it was superior – design, transport, open space, arrangement of land uses 2. Critically discuss the proposition that the ‘Garden City’ provides a useful model for the planning of sustainable settlements for the 21st century. Is the garden city model useful in present times? Critical discussion on its suitability Why or why cannot be used in contemporary planning of cities? Your interpretation on the above two questions. You can argue either way giving reasons behind your argument. 3. Describe later changes in the approach and the principal arguments which lead for a more comprehensive approach to planning of cities and regions. 4. Compare and contrast modern city plans and garden city. See modern city plans in Australia or in any developed country. Visualize the physical and functional structure of the plan How modern city plans use the concepts proposed in Garden City but not the physical design.

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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