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Week 7- Assignment: Present Performance Criteria for Quality Monitoring

For this assignment, craft a check sheet and a flowchart illustrating the flow of operations throughout the project and the primary criteria or elements to evaluate as part of the project quality measurement and management process. Once the flowchart is completed, you will design an Ishikawa or cause-and-effect diagram depicting identified or potential quality issues and how to resolve them.

Write a memo reflecting on the importance and impact of evaluating quality through project execution and how auditing and measuring the project performance. While writing this memo, use the tools designed (check sheets and flowcharts), other tools and graphs (Ishikawa diagram), and explain how they help the project manager and team manage and control project execution while minimizing risks to achieve the project main objective.

Support your paper with a minimum of three recent (within the past three years) scholarly resources. The document must observe APA formatting specifications for citations and references using the most recent APA standards.

Length: 2-4 pages for the memo including the check sheet or checklist and process quality assurance flowchart, not including the cover sheet, title page, and reference page.

This will serve as Sprint 6 of your Signature Assignment—The Project Plan Proposal.

Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.

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