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Week 8 - Assignment 1: Write a Project Closure Document

For this assignment, you will write a mock project closure document for the project you are working as part of the Signature Assignment of the course. You can use your own document format; use templates published by the Project Management Docs Portal supported by PMI, or follow the sample outline below. In this document, you will provide all the key items anticipated in the closing phase. Include each item using a heading to identify the item and brief sample content under the heading. A sample outline is:

  1. Briefing on the results of the project execution stage.

  2. Results of testing and certification.

  3. Summary of incidents managed and resolved.

  4. Transition plan for resource reallocation.

  5. Lessons learned summary.

  6. Final thoughts and recommendations.

Length: 3-4 pages not including the cover page.

This document will not follow the APA format, but any content must be properly cited and references presented at the end of the document, if applicable.

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