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What are some of the biggest issues they face in terms of sustainability

Does there appear to be a strong commitment to sustainability reporting and has this changed over the last 5 years? Look at all issues as discussed in your lectures and tutorials and determine if there are signs of improvement and if not did the company provide a reason for this? The issues must include environmental, social and governance for the firms overall sustainability. Within these disclose and comment on items such as GHG emissions, health and safety record as well as board representation etc. Your discussions are not limited to these issues but should be as complete as possible. Please use graphs and tables as is most appropriate to clearly show the firms progress or otherwise. How transparent is the company in terms of its policies?

How transparent are they in reporting breaches of their policies What sort of business is it in? Does it have a low, medium or high environmental impact? What are some of the biggest issues they face in terms of sustainability? Review the remuneration of the executive management. What changes have been made to remuneration goals/KPIs over the past 3 financial years? Are there any ethical issues that may be of concern for the company? If so, was there any price reaction to this issue?

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