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What is the GRI and when and where was it founded

Question 1 (7.5 marks) List and explain 5 stakeholders’ interest in the financial information within the Western Bulldogs Football Club (you can google this club to gain an understanding of their business). (approx. 200 words) Question 2 (11.5 marks) Review the GRI website - and answer the following in your own words (please use references to recognise others’ ideas even when not a direct quote): (a) What is the GRI and when and where was it founded? (1.5 marks) (approx. 40 words) (b) What is the GRI’s Vision, Mission and Beliefs? (1.5 marks) (approx. 40 words) (c) Explain sustainability reporting, listing the 3 components. (4.5 marks) (approx. 160 words) (d) Select a sustainability report and explain why you chose the particular company’s report and how they have applied sustainability to their business. Please include a web reference not the full report in this section. (4 marks) (approx. 160 words) Question 3 (13 marks) Select a company that has experienced an environmental disaster within the last 10 years and explain the following (do not cover Savar Building Collapse (2013) or Bento Rodriquez Dam (2015) as these were covered in class): (a) Name the business and explain their core business. (2 marks) (Approx. 80 words) (b) Summarise the key facts of the case. (4 marks) (Approx. 160 words) (c) What assets and liabilities were involved? (2 marks) (Approx. 80 words) (d) Explain the consequences (including if there were any court findings) of the case. (3 marks) (Approx. 120 words) (e) Comment on whether reducing nature to a number is beneficial to the environment and accounting. (2 marks) (Approx. 80 words)

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